Here’s How You Can Make the Entrance to Your Home Safer

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Ensuring home security is easily the most important responsibility you have as a homeowner. A home cannot be considered livable until it has been thoroughly secured. There are many different kinds of threats to your home, and keeping them in check will give you peace of mind regarding your family and belongings.

When it comes to home security, the best approach is to start with the more relevant areas of the house; this refers to places where most of the activity takes place. The entrances to your home can provide anyone with access to it. A homeowner should make sure that they have complete authority over who can enter their home so that nothing happens without their approval.

The following are ways to make your home a safer place by adding an extra layer of security to the entrances.

Install a Video Doorbell

One of the best ways to improve home security is by increasing monitoring in the area. You should be able to keep an eye on all activity around your front door so that you can easily spot any lurkers and prevent intrusions. The best video doorbells make it so that you never miss anything.

This gadget can be installed right outside your front door and has features that can give you a strong sense of security regarding your home no matter where you are. For example, the Google Nest Doorbell will tell you if someone approaches your front door, even if they haven’t rung the bell yet. These doorbells even allow you to communicate remotely with the visitor through a built-in microphone and speaker. With a video doorbell, your family and belongings will always be safe from most external threats.

Improve Visibility

Security is not possible without good visibility. You should be able to see everything to take action against any potentially suspicious movements, and this is especially important outdoors. When answering the door at night, it is essential that you can see and communicate with whoever has visited. This is only possible through good lighting.

Smart lights are an excellent option for this. They are easy to operate and can light your home with minimal energy consumption. Solar-powered LED lights are an even better option; they turn on automatically when it gets dark outside, and consume no energy whatsoever. These lights are the best option for homeowners who can’t turn the lights on every day due to their busy schedules, or even people who’d like to cut down on electrical bills.

Get a Smart Garage Door Opener

Of all the gadgets in your home that need an upgrade, the garage door opener should certainly be a priority. The garage provides direct access into your home; it is usually a more neglected entryway inside your living space, which means increasing surveillance there is a must. A garage door opener needs to be safe, efficient, and eco-friendly, and a smart version of the gadget does a much better job than an outdated one.

A garage door is one of the largest electrically operated gadgets in your home. Any malfunctions may cause a lot of issues and affect practicality in your everyday life. With a smart garage door opener, you can rest assured that your children and pets will always be safe due to its motion sensor. Depending on the model you get, it can even help illuminate your garage at night using built-in lights.

Do Not Distribute Keys

Having keys as the sole way to enter your home can be inconvenient for a few different reasons. Keys provide you with limited security since their function is manual. There’s no way of knowing when someone has entered or left your home when using a regular key in a normal lock. They can also get lost, misplaced, or passed along to other people, which makes your home vulnerable.

The best way to eliminate the use of keys is by getting a smart lock. This is a gadget that can be installed on top of your existing lock and gives you complete authority over who enters or leaves your home. A smart lock will inform you when the door is opened or closed and at what time, so you’re always updated. While you can continue to use your old key, this gadget allows you to provide friends and loved ones with single-use access codes for even more thorough security.

Inspect for Faults

As with everything else in your home, doors, locks, windows, and other points of entry to your home can be damaged or compromised. The reason can either be weather, an accident, or a deliberate effort from an outside source. Either way, protecting your home against these faults is one of your main responsibilities as a homeowner. Make sure to inspect all of these areas periodically to ensure that everything is perfectly in place. This will certainly add to your peace of mind by reassuring you that your home cannot be broken into easily.

No More Intrusions

One thing that homeowners need to keep in mind is that home security doesn’t necessarily have to come with a huge bill. Getting an alarm system isn’t a requirement, provided you are consistent with other forms of monitoring and maintenance.

External threats to your home can easily disrupt your daily life. You may not be able to sleep at night thinking about whether or not you locked the door, or why you heard a suspicious noise outside. Whether you’re at home or away, it’s always helpful to have a way of watching over your family and belongings, and the previously mentioned measures will let you do just that.

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