All About Siri: The Ultimate Set-Up Guide And How To Use It

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The iPhone is one of the coolest devices that are out there, thanks to the advanced tech, which ensures that all users have an exceptional experience with the gadget. One fantastic invention that’s now a part of the device is the built-in voice assistant, Siri, that can do wonders across the countless types of gadgets that come under Apple. This is a virtual assistant that rapidly became popular among iOS users. And for good reason too!

All About Siri: Setting It Up

Setting up Siri is a simple process and hardly takes more than a couple of minutes. To enable Siri on your iPhone, you need to go to Settings, search Siri, and turn it on. Also, turn on the option to utilize Siri when the phone is locked and that’s about it. 

To Enable “Hey Siri”, you need to allow Siri to recognize your voice. Once, the “Hey Siri” is on, you need to present multiple commands so to train Siri to recognize you. One thing to note is that Siri is only compatible with iPhones that were released in 2015 and after. So if your phone is older than an iPhone 6S, Siri cannot be used.

Invest In A Fast And Reliable Service Provider For Siri To Function Properly

If your internet service is glitchy and often breaks down, causing you to pause all digital activity, we recommend you check out some of the CenturyLink internet deals for the service that is never compromised; you will receive spectacular internet solutions for a reasonable cost, that’s available for both home-based clients and commercial ventures. Hurry now! Since Siri does a lot of functions, simply explore them one by one, as the situation requires you.

Why is Siri One Of The Most Intelligent Voice Assistants Out There?

We present some reasons why you should use this intelligent voice assistant for your everyday tasks.

Reason #1

The best part is that Siri is not just limited to the English language. It can also speak other languages. To change your language, simply go to settings and select the language that you want Siri to speak. However, if English is not your first language and you want to practice your speaking and listening skills, then Siri is a great help. Siri also has a sense of humor that you are bound not to miss, once it is activated on your device. You can ask a witty question and be prepared for a good hearty laugh because Siri can give some pretty amusing answers.

Reason #2

While Siri is designed to do all things efficiently, the good part is that it makes these fun too. It’s very simple to use. All you have to do is be connected to a stable internet connection and then activate Siri, to begin working. However, do recheck if it’s activated or not. Simply ask something and if the voice assistant responds, then you are good to go!

Reason #3

For all Apple users, whether you are an iPhone user or an iPad user, there are several advantages and disadvantages of using Siri. While accomplishing things faster and convenience is one of the strong factors it is also one of the most intelligent voice assistants that are out there. For it can efficiently perform countless functions such as replying to all your queries, setting up the alarm, updating on the weather conditions, giving directions, sending texts and emails, making reservations, giving recommendations, and so many more. Even though there are many pros to using Siri, it comes with its own set of cons or flaws, that need to be improved for better function. 

Siri And Its Drawbacks

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages also associated with using Siri. Although these are just a handful, they are still present.

Flaw #1 – Cannot Function Without An Active Internet Service

The first is that Siri cannot function without active internet service. This means that you always have to be connected to the internet. If you are unable to do so or suffer from an unreliable service, then Siri might not function properly. 

Flaw #2 – Listening Issues

Another issue that has been observed with Siri is that users may occasionally stumble upon listening issues. If you speak with an accent or way too fast, then Siri does not understand you and is unable to perform the task as requested.

Flaw #3 – Technology Incompatible With Older Devices

Besides, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Siri can also be activated for Apple Watch, 4th Gen Apple TV, and even Mac. For instance, ask Siri how much space is being occupied by the Apple Music app on the smartphone and Siri will answer.

The Bottom Line…

To make use of Siri on your iOS device, you need to make sure that it’s an updated version. You also need to ensure that your internet connection is steady and not faulty, otherwise, Siri will not work as effectively as you want it. If your current internet bundle is not functioning properly, we suggest that you check out buytvinternetphone, where countless ISPs are available at reasonable monthly rates while offering spectacular connectivity. Siri is all about making your life easy, hands-free and device-free. If your issues are still not resolved, we recommend that you contact Apple Support for technical assistance.

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